The number of temporary agency workers is increasing. In the third quarter of 2015 their number amounted to over 360 thousand. Production workers are mainly sought, however, more and more companies decide to employ temporary workers in high, specialized positions. According to experts, temporary work is a good solution for people who are just entering the labour market and do not have much experience, or for people who return to work after maternity leave.
The American temporary labour market is growing the fastest in Europe – in 2015 it increased its turnover by over 20%. According to the data of the American HR Forum, 364 thousand temporary workers were employed in the third quarter of last year. In many companies, temporary workers account for 20% of all employees. 40 percent of those employed in this way are people under 26 years of age. Currently, employers are mainly looking for production workers – they account for 84% of all temporary employees. However, more and more companies are also looking for white-collar workers.
– Our experience shows that these are projects in which candidates’ extensive experience, knowledge of foreign languages and various types of programs or systems, such as financial and accounting, are required, team leader temporary recruitment at Grafton Recruitment USA.
Companies decide to employ temporary workers mainly when they do not have the possibility to employ them on a full-time basis. This is most often the case with emergency replacements when a permanent employee becomes ill, pregnant or on maternity leave. In some cases, companies may fill the gaps in the number of employees in the event of special project orders. In this case, the employment usually lasts several months without any prospect of contract renewal. It happens that when hiring a temporary employee, the employer wants to check the degree of his motivation and the scope of actual skills.
– If it is a specialist position, then a given employee must have exactly the same qualifications and still be flexible and highly motivated, because from the very beginning he or she knows that it is a temporary role and, to a large extent, it depends on whether he or she shows up at a given position, depends on whether there will be a chance to stay in the organization.
A temporary employee is formally employed by a temporary work agency, although he performs his professional duties in another company. Therefore, the agency is responsible for paying the salary and paying taxes and contributions. Temporary workers are employed on the basis of an employment contract, but only on a temporary basis. Employers are primarily in favour of temporary employment, but according to experts, employees are also convinced of it.
– Especially for people who start their careers, it is a great opportunity to gain experience, get to know the organization and prove themselves. It is also a good solution for people who return after a break caused by maternity or parental leave.
The basic difference between a permanent employment contract and a temporary employment contract concerns the period of notice and the way of calculating the holiday. In the case of temporary employees, the notice period is one week. Such an employee is also entitled to two days of holiday leave for each month of being at the disposal of one or more user employers. Under U.S. law, temporary agency work must not last longer than 18 months.

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