Around 2014, this word was changed by all the cases, in very many countries, in many languages, by normal people, celebrities, dieticians, doctors – and all this in a context that is not entirely clear. One could say that the world has divided into two groups, people who have acknowledged the existence of gluten, its negative effects and who are willing to combat or avoid it. The second group consists of people who deny the existence of gluten, treating it as an invention of pharmacists and nutritionists. Who is right? It is not for me to judge, but for me to focus on my subjective assessment and experience.
For several months I have been trying to apply a gluten-free diet, i.e. eating almost the same products or their substitutes that do not contain this unfortunate gluten. Undoubtedly, the company helped me to do this by helping me to supply the demand for products for a part of my diet. I found it by simply typing gluten-free diet. To be honest, it’s not easy. Of course, many products can be found that are gluten-free. For example, on the cornflakes packaging of one of the most famous brands is the information that they contain no gluten. The fact that the taste has not changed, or at least it is clear from the message itself that they are supposed to be healthier, or is that true, it is not for me to judge either, I can only say that for several months now I feel much better when using gluten-free products. And this despite the coming winter, I noticed more vitality, willingness to live, lightness and willingness to be active. I just feel lighter – and that’s despite the fact that the weight hasn’t moved.
The diet itself is of course connected with the fact that everything you eat should be “gluten free”. For example, even if you bake gluten-free cakes, you have to pay attention to the ingredients you make them from. This complicates life a bit, because you have to pay much more attention to the food ingredients you buy as well as to the finished products, but satisfaction comes in itself when you see significant effects of well-being.
If I had to choose again now whether I made a good decision to remove gluten from my diet a few months ago – now I would have made the same decision. At that time I was still in this uncomfortable situation, that I did not know whether these sacrifices would bring any results – such a blind diet, with no guarantee of satisfaction. Now that I have these guarantees, I am sure that my actions bring the desired effect – the easier it is to avoid gluten in my daily diet. All right, maybe sometimes there are small sacrifices, because it is impossible to live without gluten free, sometimes I will replace gluten-free cake with a normal apple pie with ice cream in a cafe – but by controlling myself and paying more attention to what I eat, I still fulfill my decision and what is most important – I feel much better. I recommend it to all those who are hesitant, be those who think that gluten is a lie – try it yourself – 3 months is enough – then you will be able to assess from the autopsy whether there is anything wrong with this gluten or not.

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