Stand-alone vacuum cleaners take the market by storm
In recent years, two categories of devices have become more and more popular. One is air purifiers, where the rapid increase in demand for them is due to a wave of fear of smog, while the other is the increasingly cheaper and more accessible autonomous vacuum cleaners. However, it was only the USA that presented a product that combines the functions and advantages of both categories of equipment.
Air is the latest model of the autonomous vacuum cleaner from the European company, which specializes in this type of equipment. Its world premiere is taking place today.
– It is the first vacuuming robot to combine a vacuuming robot with an air purifier, especially in the context of recent news about smog,” says Łukasz Bojanowski, founder of , Newseria Innowacje news agency.
Such a combination of two devices belonging to completely different categories turns out to be extremely sensible precisely because of the air purifier. As a rule, such devices are placed permanently in a specific place, improving air quality only in the immediate vicinity of a few or several square meters. However, in the case of placing the cleaner on a robotized vacuum cleaner – although it has a lower efficiency than stationary solutions, the area where the air is filtered is even 120 square meters.
– Even if someone asks a question whether such a purifier sometimes purifies the air that is blown out of the device, he will also be right in a way. Thanks to the filtration used, the amount of dirty air is blown out of the device is negligible, but not everyone is aware of the fact that most of the dust that settles in the vacuuming process, results from the fact that the manual vacuum cleaner, classic or robot, raises the dirty air up, so that the so-called cats are formed even the next day after vacuuming. Thanks to the use of the purifier there is no such problem – explains Łukasz Bojanowski.
The biggest innovation connected with this device is the fact that it is equipped with a top-mounted overlay, which serves as a real air purifier. It is equipped with a carbon Hepa filter, additionally supported by ionization. This allows to remove almost 100% of all kinds of fungi, spores and impurities from the cleaned air. The purifier can work both during the vacuum cleaner operation and when the device is at the docking station.
The robot can be programmed with the use of buttons on the housing, remote control or mobile application. It then works independently, recognising both furniture and wall obstacles, as well as slopes such as stairs.
– Air uses a slightly different technology than the one known on the market so far and used by other manufacturers, because ultrasonic sensors were used, thanks to which the robot recognizes the environment differently than vacuum cleaners using infrared technology – says Łukasz Bojanowski.
It is worth noting that the device also comes with a mopping pad with a water container, so it is also possible to vacuum and wash the floor wet. In the basic version (without the air purifier) Air will cost 1290 USD, while the Air Pro (with the purifier) will cost 1690 USD. It will also be possible to buy an additional air purification module for about $500 at a later date.

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