It is worth talking about a problem that concerns a really large number of women, that is, about cracked vessels on our legs otherwise known as “spiders” or professionally called “venulectasias”.
How to deal with spider veins?
Cracked capillaries on our bodies appear in really different places. However, we can distinguish at least two types of dilated blood vessels. The first of these are the so-called spider veins, in a professional medical language: telangiectasias. However, they are simpler: they are simply dilated to a diameter of about 1 mm, ordinary capillaries, located just under our skin. In turn their colour usually takes a blue-greenish shade or even a brownish red one. The second type of spider veins are subcutaneous nets or thin-walled mesh veins, the opposite of ordinary spider veins, because they are located in a relatively deep layer of our skin, then widen up to 3 mm creating under a thin skin a clear net. They are definitely the most common on our legs, but also on the thighs of our calves and even our faces.
Well, we already know what spiders are and where to look for them. But where do they come from and how to treat them properly?
Unfortunately, age, with the passage of time is not our ally. Well, the functioning of veins can unfortunately be very disturbed, and our veins become weaker. It is also connected with blood circulation. And also:
-Hormonal changes, especially during puberty, pregnancy or menopause, may cause veins to clog and spider veins to appear.
-Pregnancy – during pregnancy, unfortunately, the amount of blood in the body increases, due to the fact that it must be delivered to the fetus, which unfortunately causes the expansion of blood vessels.
-Obesity or even slight overweight can unfortunately cause blood vessels to develop. They can occur due to excessive strain on our legs.
-lack of movement, low physical activity, prolonged sitting at a desk can also lead to high vein load.
So how to treat sore skin?
First of all, we should start by quickly getting rid of harmful substances such as cigarettes, solarium or frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol.
So how to strengthen the vessels? It should be used:
-Vitamins C and K
– blueberries
-various essential oils such as chamomile, rose or parsley.
-A skin strengthening mask from Professional
-Soothing cream Botanical Tolpa botanic Black Elderberry
All these treatments will help us to regain a beautiful and healthy look of our skin. It is also worth to include treatments in aesthetic medicine offices, which are specialized. Thanks to this, the vessels can be closed there using various treatments such as sclerotherapy, laser removal, etc.. So what is sclerotherapy? It is simply a procedure based on a single injection of substances, which as a result cause the agglomeration of all the walls of the blood vessels. Vitamin C and the use of special ointments will also help us here. All these treatments will help us to get rid of unwanted blood vessels.
Spider veins on legs can also be quickly disposed of thanks to electrocoagulation treatments, which is a specialized treatment that uses electricity that cuts the protein in the walls of our blood vessels, which is then absorbed by our lymphatic system, and then simply expelled. To prevent the problem from recurring, regardless of any treatments, it is also worth taking special preparations and phlebotropic drugs.

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