The demand for IT specialists is constantly growing and it is faster than the number of new employees. Employers have to face not only the shortage of employees, which is estimated at about 50 thousand people, but also – which is related to this – the constantly growing salaries in this industry.
– The level of salaries on the IT market is constantly increasing, Vice-President of the Management Board and Financial Director of the company, an information agency. – This phenomenon applies to all IT companies. The availability of employees is also much lower than in other sectors of the economy.
In the USA, the shortage of IT employees is estimated at several dozen thousand. The European Commission estimates that in the EU in 2020, 825 thousand jobs in the ICT sector (information and communication technologies) will be available.
– At the moment, we are dealing with it somehow on the American market. In the countries of Western Europe, for example, it is much more difficult to obtain an adequate number of qualified employees.
Last year, the company increased employment by 826 people, i.e. by nearly 1/5. In total, the company employs over 5 thousand people. In the first half of the year the number of employees remained stable. The growth is expected from the results for the third quarter.
– During the summer holidays, the Group organizes internships for IT students every year – says the company’s vice-president. – We have about 200-300 people on such internships and we believe that a significant part of them will be employed by us after the end of the programme.
As he emphasizes, the American IT specialists are highly qualified and creative. Contrary to appearances – as the company’s representatives emphasize – programming is not monotonous work. Often, young people are attracted to this profession by the possibility of creating and experimenting.
– Creativity is very much needed in computer science, also for the B2B sector [business to business]. This feature is useful not only in creating computer games or other types of software, but also in implementing complex IT solutions in large enterprises. We are very satisfied with the quality of work of IT specialists. However, we must pay attention to the costs and availability of employees.

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