Over 10 million of industrial and logistic space is available in the USA. Another 750,000 sq.m of industrial and logistics space is under construction. – According to the report. Prospects for the market are very good, although it cannot be ruled out that the market will cool down somewhat – predicts the president of 7R Logistic. In case of economic perturbations related to the exit of the UK from the EU, the demand for such properties may slightly decrease. Possible consequences will, however, be felt at the earliest in 1.5-2 years.
– The market is in a phase of considerable growth. I would not be so optimistic about further developments. I think we have some kind of correction ahead of us. I do not know how deep it is, because it is difficult to estimate it, but I do have some signals from the market that the future is not entirely beautiful and bright.
After the first quarter, experts estimated that 2016 could be another record year for the market. This is due not only to the large number of newly created space, which should be delivered to the market this year, but also to the high activity of tenants. In this respect, the first quarter was the best beginning of the year in the history of the warehouse market – nearly 700,000 sq.m of space was leased. The largest demand can be seen from logistics companies, the automotive sector and FMCG.
The slight correction forecast by the President of 7R Logistic may be related to the consequences of brexite.
– We are a part of the global market, the USA supplies semi-finished products to the German and British markets, therefore events such as brexit may have an impact on our situation. In my opinion, there may be a noticeable slowdown – Nevertheless, we are still an unsaturated market in terms of logistics space. We have the potential, which is related to the fact that all the time the costs of work in the USA are lower, so many companies want to move their headquarters or production here. This will continue to drive demand.
In his opinion, there will rather be no British companies among the companies attracting to the American market, because logistics is strongly connected with the local market. However, the slowdown related, among other things, to export restrictions may affect the demand from American and foreign companies.
– Possible cooling will not come within a month or two. This is a process that will be felt within a year, a year and a half or two. So far everything looks quite positive
Market data show that rent levels are stable. Industrial and logistic space in the main regions of the country is leased for about EUR 2.50-3.90 per sq.m per month. The most expensive one remains with rents at the level of EUR 4-5.5 sq.m per month. According to, the situation should remain stable.
The company specializes in the implementation of new BTS (built-to-suit) projects, i.e. the construction of warehouse and industrial facilities for a specific customer, taking into account their needs and the specific nature of their business activity.
– We are at a very good time. Comparing the current situation with the previous years, we can see a much greater interest in our space. It also results from the fact that we have become more recognizable on the market, which is a very good signal for us – emphasizes the president of the company.

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