The first half of this year was very good for the labour market. In the second quarter, employment growth amounted to 2.9%, while in the whole six months – 2.7%. The most innovative enterprises of the so-called modern economy are the decisive record in this respect. The results of production companies are particularly impressive. From April to June, the increase in the number of new jobs amounted to almost 10%.
– We have noticed a gigantic increase in employment in the manufacturing sector of modern economy in comparison to the same period last year HR Business Partner at ADP USA. – It was more than three times higher than the growth registered by the Central Statistical Office for the whole market. As far as service companies are concerned, the growth was definitely over 2%.
Companies of modern economy are enterprises with an innovative approach to their activity, constantly improving their current activity through, among others, the use of modern technologies and outsourcing.
According to the latest report “Employment in the Modern Economy Q2 2016” by ADP USA, the number of employees in such enterprises in the first half of the year increased by 4.23% compared to the same period in 2015. The second quarter was very beneficial, when 4.52% more people found a job.
A record growth was recorded in the manufacturing sector – from April to the end of June, 9.21% more people found a job here than in the same period a year earlier. In the case of companies employing more than 500 employees, the progress was even more pronounced – it approached the border of 10% and amounted to 9.78%.
On a six-month scale, the results were only slightly weaker. In innovative manufacturing companies at that time the increase in employment amounted to 7.94%. Entities specializing in services recorded a dynamics of 2.4%. (in the whole half of the year – 2.45%).
– Certainly, the modern economy is gradually expanding. It is the avant-garde of business, companies investing in development, tools and production. – The increase in employment goes hand in hand with outsourcing of some activities. Thanks to this, companies can focus on employing specialists and experts to develop their core business. What is worth emphasizing is that production does not work in a vacuum. The increase in the number of jobs has been gaining in importance over the last six months. The orders were increasing, the GDP dynamics was high, the situation was stable, and foreign capital flowed to the country.
According to the report, large enterprises of modern economy employing over 500 people were more active on the labour market in the first half of the year. The rate of growth in the number of new jobs was 4.29%. (in smaller entities – 4.06%).
– Previously, it was usually the case that this sector was driven by rather small companies, points out.
This was the case in the second quarter of this year. At that time, smaller companies (up to 500 people) took the lead with the result of 4.61%. In the case of larger companies, the increase in employment amounted to 4.48%.
There is a very clear demand for specialists, experts, people with extensive experience in a specific industry (both manufacturing and service).
– Employers find it more and more difficult to find such people – notes. – However, knowledge is not the only thing that counts. Soft skills are also important, the ability to adapt to changing market conditions, the ability to acquire new skills, being more flexible with regard to their competencies. Combining hard knowledge with soft skills is the most sought-after profile for companies in this sector.
According to ADP data, companies of modern economy maintain much higher employment dynamics than American companies. This is what drives the whole economy.
– Prospects are good, GDP is still growing, companies are developing very harmoniously estimates. – However, we cannot predict a further gigantic increase in employment. It seems that the growth will be rather stable, and at the end of the year it may slow down slightly. However, the prospects for employers are good, and for employees – even better. The lowest unemployment rate in 25 years and the developing economy make the candidates have a wide choice.
Entities participating in the ADP USA survey were active in retail sales, services, manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, finance and pharmacy.

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