Therapeutic consultation
It takes place during the first meeting or, if the patient’s situation so requires, it consists of 2 to 3 sessions. This time is used to identify the problem and choose the appropriate treatment. The Professional conducts an interview to get to know the person and their problem as well as possible, in order to make a diagnosis. The consultation also enables the person concerned to get to know the psychotherapist and his or her way of working.
Individual therapy
A series of meetings aimed at gradual “working out” the problem and improving the functioning of the person taking part in the therapy. Certified Gestalt psychotherapist, points out on her website, at this stage the therapist accompanies the patient in the process of getting to know himself/herself and analysing the sources of the problem. The material for work can be everything: thoughts, feelings, relationships with people, a specific situation or a matter from the past. It is important to be as honest as possible.
Stages of the psychotherapeutic process
Treatment with a psychotherapist involves several stages, each of which can be connected with different feelings. At the beginning – if we have chosen a good specialist – we usually feel relieved and hope for improvement. During further sessions, however, disappointment (if the results do not come as quickly as you would like) or even frustration or anger may occur. We also often feel helpless and lost – especially if we discovered a problem we didn’t assume existed. It is worth remembering that it is natural: psychotherapy has an uneven pace and is associated with different emotions. If you have a meeting during which you have not achieved anything, or feel that you are standing still for a long time, do not be discouraged – the treatment process is usually long lasting, and slowing down its pace does not mean that it is not effective.
How long does psychotherapy last?
Everything depends on the problem and the individual circumstances. The minimum is usually 3 months, the maximum is several years. After 3-6 months most people see a significant improvement. It is worth noting that in promising therapy the first positive change should be noticed already after the first few meetings. It may concern e.g. general mood improvement, a sense of hope or more strength and courage to face problems. If, however, after 4-5 in-depth consultation sessions, we do not feel any change, it is worth considering choosing another psychotherapist.

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