A dietary supplement is not a drug, but as it can have similar effects, even with them you have to be careful. Take precautions when taking such products. Here are some of the most important rules for taking supplements.


The key rule is to never take dietary supplements because of some “whim”. It’s not a lottery. Don’t buy new vitamin pills just because after reading their pamphlet you somehow decided you might need them. You are not a doctor and you are not in a position to make a correct diagnosis about your own health. Before you reach for any supplements for athletes, you should visit a doctor to check the general state of your health. At the very least, go to your family doctor to get a referral for some basic tests. You can also talk to a nutritionist or pharmacist. Only people with medical training are competent to advise you on the choice of dietary supplements.

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Do not put too much trust in advertisements. You know very well that marketing specialists are able to push literally anything on customers. It is because of them that your diet sometimes contains forbidden products, because you just can’t resist the lovely chocolates that you constantly see on TV in between movies. Advertisements also present dietary supplements. They describe them so that you yourself can get into the shoes of the person presenting them. If she is promoting an energy booster, she talks about how she is constantly tired, sleepy and has no energy for anything. You immediately notice a lot of similarity here. You begin to believe that this supplement will save your life, when it may be quite the opposite.


The last rule is a rather basic one that says that no sports supplements replace either training or healthy food. They simply supplement it all. No supplement will magically change your physique if you keep slacking off on your workouts and don’t start eating healthy.

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