Well, in recent times Pilates has gained a huge approval from the trainers. Such exercises have measurable benefits in terms of stretching our muscles and spine health. Especially it is recommended for people with a sitting lifestyle. Contrary to appearances, this method of exercise is not only a proposal for women only. In training rooms nowadays, more and more men can be found who appreciate the benefits of practicing this sport. And rightly so, because as it turns out, Pilates also solves some typically “male” problems. First of all, what may seem surprising, Pilates supports a successful sexual life. How is it possible? During these exercises different parts of muscles are activated, including Kegel muscles. And it is these muscles that are responsible for maintaining erection, proper sperm flow and the intensity of male orgasm.
The spine is the basic part of the body skeleton
As you know, the spine supports the whole body. If it and the muscles that support it are not in a good condition, then it may turn out that we have problems with moving, sitting, getting up, etc., then we should be aware that the spine supports the whole body. It is a basic element of our body, so we must make sure that it is in good condition. Modern working conditions do not serve the health of the spine. This fragment of the skeleton bears very badly a long sitting at the computer. Especially if we bend our neck at work or keep our neck twisted. In addition, it is adversely affected by the popular combination of sitting work with passive rest on the sofa in the evening. Until nothing alarming happens, it is worth taking care of the proper prevention beforehand. Many people think that until they have nothing wrong with them, everything is ok, and yet we work on various degenerations for years. So if we feel any disturbing symptoms, the more they should mobilize us to fight for a healthy spine. In such cases, various exercises come to our aid, including Pilates.
For whom are the best exercises?
There are no age limits, pilates can be practiced by anyone. It is better to direct your physical activity in such a way as to minimize the risk of such a problem. This method of exercise is especially recommended for “beginners” who have had little in common with physical activity. A calm pace and relaxing atmosphere will also improve the mood of each person exercising pilates. Well, if we only practice at our own pace, everyone will surely be able to cope with this type of exercise. In addition, it will help your spine to relax and stretch the muscles that support it. So it is worth to practice Pilates.

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