A broken tendon or broken bone is always associated with pain and lack of comfort, then we can not function normally. It is difficult for us to leave home. Very often we make a mistake by acting hastily – we treat immediate pain with analgesics. No wonder, pain can be difficult to bear. It is worth remembering, however, that medicines burden the body. A large amount of analgesics negatively affects the work of the stomach. People who have been taking medication for many years complain, among other things, about frequent nausea. In addition, medicines damage other organs, not to mention the risk of addiction. We get used to a certain dose of medicine and we need more and more of it – it’s a closed circle.
In orthopaedic treatment, however, we can reach for other countermeasures. One of them is to expose the damaged area, we can also use a magnetic field. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has also proved very effective in recent years. It is a non-invasive treatment, completely safe for health.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is based on providing all tissues and cells of the body with the necessary oxygen. Oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber reaches even hard-to-reach places in the body. A well oxygenated organism functions more efficiently. Blood flows faster, all organs function better. Then we are more resistant to infections and bacteria. It is also worth remembering that hyperbaric therapy is painless, during the treatment you can easily use the reading.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be taken up, among others. Hyperbaric therapy is carried out there under the watchful eye of reliable specialists – people who have experience and extensive medical knowledge. Clinic staff take care of the comfort of their patients, provide help and advice at every stage of treatment. The facility itself is surrounded by beautiful, picturesque greenery, where you can break away from everyday problems and spend some time in peace and quiet.

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