First of all, a small guessing game and a game of imagination at the same time. Vinyl foil can be associated with many possible applications – right? It can be useful at home, in the workshop, in the artist’s office, in the…
use of vinyl film – automotive industry!
At the beginning, a small guessing game and a game of imagination at the same time. Vinyl film can be associated with many possible applications – right? It can be useful at home, in the workshop, in the artist’s office, in an advertising agency… And – recently – in an automotive service! Or at least in the garage.
The perfect material
Vinyl materials have excellent thermoplastic properties and are characterized by high mechanical strength. They are also durable and resistant to environmental factors such as rain, wind and many solvents. Since its invention, vinyl foil has been widely used in the production of packaging, toys and equipment elements, as insulation in electrical engineering, for the production of floor coverings and for covering various surfaces – for example in sports halls and stadiums. It can also be used to… completely stick a car to it.
Change your car
Why put something on the car, you’ll ask. Yes, it is almost never necessary, although sometimes it is advisable – but about it in a moment. Above all, however, vinyl foil wrapping the body (check the foil for complete wrapping of 3M™ Wrap Film 1080 series vehicles) is a simple and quick way to radically change the color of the vehicle – without having to go to a varnisher and pay for painting. In addition, the film available today is available in various textures, colors and shades – so the choice is full here, there are virtually no limits. The car will look exactly the way we dreamed it would look after wrapping. It’s such an inexpensive tuning! The foil, if it is of course original and high quality, is maintained on the surface of five to even ten years with normal use of the vehicle.
Paint protection
There are situations where the use of automotive vinyl film helps us to increase the life of the vehicle. For example, when we have small cracks in the car body, paint splinters or, worse still, the car starts to rust here and there. The foil also gives protection against further damage and at the same time makes the car look impeccable. Car wrapping additionally protects against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and further corrosion. The last advantage – with foil we no longer have to worry that someone will maliciously scratch the car with keys. It only scratches a thick and quite easy to repair layer of foil, doesn’t it? However, the foil itself is not susceptible to minor scratches, and in addition, it does not deform when washing the car, even in a car wash, under high pressure. It also does not fade in the sun!
We let our imagination run wild!
Covering your car with foil can have a number of advertising applications, but also… designer. Advertising is something that does not need to be analyzed more thoroughly. Suffice it to say that thanks to vinyl foil, our car can become more visible – it will ensure an intense color of veneer – and on top of that, on one layer of the base foil you can stick almost any signs, inscriptions or shapes – such as company logo or advertising slogans. But there may also be a need to change – that is, you may want to stick your previously white or red car in a completely different color, giving it a different expression, while not destroying the factory color. Then you will not need to change the car. You can also stylize your car in a similar way to an old retro-style car or even a military vehicle.
Speed and comfort
Changing the colour of the body using vinyl film has the advantage that it takes very little time. Just wrapping a washed car takes just a few days – including preparations. For comparison – varnishing is at least a week, and often longer. Of course, foil is attractive because it costs much less than a new paint – that’s why its popularity is growing all the time. Another advantage is – as already mentioned – a wide choice: you can choose glossy or matt veneer, in the metallic style, or with the desired texture. So we can assume that this modern – although simple – technology will become more and more popular every year!

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