We are increasingly eager to use natural care ingredients (such as coconut oil), because we know that they are effective and safe. They are replacements for cosmetics filled with chemicals. What are the advantages of coconut oil? Is it worth using it?
If we reach for any cosmetics, our goal is always to achieve the best possible results in care. Regardless of whether we want to fight dandruff, smooth the skin or prevent wrinkles. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the composition of a given cosmetic product and what action it offers us.
Coconut oil definitely stands out the most from natural cosmetic ingredients. What are its advantages?
This is a wealth of care ingredients
In a good quality coconut oil, which means cold-pressed and unrefined oil, there is a huge amount of care ingredients. The most important are fatty acids, among which the main role is played by lauric acid. A set of vitamins A, C, E and B is also very important. Coconut oil also contains valuable minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. The combination of so many ingredients makes coconut oil a real nourishing bomb.
Unrivalled in terms of price
In fact, the price of coconut oil is the most frequently mentioned advantage. It is a fact that even this extra virgin of much better quality is much cheaper than e.g. argan oil. What is important, it does not give way to it in terms of properties and performance. The easy availability and very low price of coconut oil makes it often appear in the composition of care products. We also like to use it as a stand-alone cosmetic.
Suitable for both skin and hair
Another advantage of coconut oil is its multifunctionality. There is no limit to using this product (unless you don’t like your hair smelling of coconut). Coconut oil is good for both hair and skin care. It can be used for make-up removal, skin care or to soften the skin while doing a manicure. Just remember that not in every case the oil itself will be suitable – sometimes it is better to use it, for example, as a base for making a home nourishing mask.

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