When choosing furniture for your home, we want it to match your design to your taste and function. A special place at home is the kitchen, where we spend a large part of our day and prepare meals. Therefore, it is not surprising that we devote a lot of energy, money and time to furnishing this room, choosing the right furniture and its proper layout. You shouldn’t talk about tastes, so let’s skip the fact of furniture design and focus on functionality. Designers are inventing more and more sophisticated ways to increase their functionality and ergonomics. One of the solutions commonly used today is a furniture hinge with a silent closure. On the surface it may seem like a trivial thing, but it not only increases the comfort of use of e.g. a kitchen cupboard, but also increases the durability of the furniture. How? Crackling doors equipped with classic hinges sooner or later caused damage to either the hinge itself or the physical damage to the door, which meant that it was necessary to either invest in the repair of furniture (if possible), or in a new set of furniture, which entailed costs. Another benefit of using modern hinges is that doors can be easily opened at an angle of more than 90 degrees. Furniture hinge 110 degrees is therefore another standard used today, thanks to which opening cabinet doors is much simpler and burdened with a lower risk of breaking the hinge when opening carelessly, and access to its interior is much easier.

Thanks to the use of such solutions as modern furniture hinges, our rooms become more comfortable and safe. We also have more fun with regular, everyday use of furniture. The furniture industry goes in the direction of creating better, more beautiful and more advanced furniture than before. Applying seemingly trivial things like modern hinges adds another brick to increase the functionality of our homes and flats. So if we are planning to buy a new furniture set for our kitchen or bathroom in the near future, it is worth considering investing in slightly more expensive, but nevertheless more functional furniture made of better material and with modern hinges. Then we will be sure that we have done everything to increase the comfort of our stay in the apartment. And this is the most important thing to feel good in your own home.

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