Medical center is a medical service center that performs various types of rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments. It is enough to have a referral, or use paid services and you will get there treatments that help to return to the form of our spine.
Rehabilitation is the fight against disability. These procedures are prescribed to people who have suffered some kind of injury, and rehabilitation is to help restore their bodies to the state before the event that made them disabled. The rehabilitation carried out by the rehabilitator uses a number of devices whose task is to influence a given area of the body locally. Well and professionally conducted rehabilitation can cause miracles, the patient returns to full fitness.
The medical center also performs treatments in the field of spine rehabilitation. This is the most common reason for patients’ visits to the medical centre. Sitting life style, working behind a desk, lack of physical activity cause permanent discomfort to the locomotor system. Rehabilitation of the spine allows to eliminate the ailments that most often affect the lower part of the spine. Manual therapy, massage, laser action, magnetic field, ultrasound can make the spinal pain disappear, at least for some time.
An interesting device used in spine rehabilitation procedures is a laser. It is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory procedures. On the spine section of the spine specific points are exposed, the laser diode emits a beam of light of low power and different wavelengths. Such a beam can also be directed to painful places by means of mirrors. Some patients claim that they feel warm during the procedure.
In order to obtain a referral to a medical center, you usually have to go to an orthopaedic surgeon beforehand. The orthopaedist, after analyzing the ailments, directs the patient to research, on the basis of which he develops a path of treatment, which very often includes rehabilitation procedures. It should also be clearly stated that such procedures must unfortunately be systematically repeated. This is not the way to cure in an instant, you need patience and time to achieve results. But it is certainly one of the paths that has a chance to restore the comfort of life.

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