Going to the cinema, spending weekends out of town together or spending long evenings talking – couples in love are looking for every opportunity to spend just the two of them. They know that each subsequent meeting brings them closer to each other and builds a bond. Regardless of the stage at which they are at, they should take care of each other, and joint trips should be included in the calendar as a priority. Why? Even a few hours spent together a week can bring new energy to a marriage and reignite the feeling between a man and a woman, according to the “The Date Night Opportunity” report.
A couple facing a new challenge – raising newborn children – is changing their whole world. Children become the most important and their main task is to deal with the new situation they find themselves in. It’s hard for them to find time to sit down together and talk about how the day went, not to mention going out into the city. This is a serious mistake; failure to go out together may affect the whole relationship with the partner, as well as the happiness of the family.
– With the arrival of children, taking care of the relationship becomes secondary. Young parents may think that just starting a family will cement their relationship, because now it is “my/my own”. However, the lack of conversation leads to unnecessary misunderstandings, which increase the distance between the partners. And yet a happy marriage is the foundation of a happy family, a psychologist from the KOPARKA Center for Child and Youth Psychotherapy.
Dating – a benefit for everyone
– For as long as I can remember going on a date, it was part of our weekly schedule in our house. My wife and I know how important it is to have just the two of us on a date, so we take care of our time for ourselves. We wanted to help other couples, so that they could go out on a date like we did, offering help with childcare. This is how the idea for the action “Dating time” was born. We provide children with valuable and creative time, and spouses can spend it with each other. It doesn’t have to be a candlelight dinner, it can be just a walk.
Contrary to appearances, time for yourself is not important only for your loved ones. When partners show mutual interest and care, our children also feel valued and loved. This is confirmed by the thesis that for the youngest children all relations prevailing in their environment are important. What is more, good relations between spouses have a positive impact on children, who watch the behavioural patterns of adults.

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