Magical and spectacular – these two words can be used to describe a hotel located in Chile. Its shape resembles a volcano, and from its top, often on the walls covered with moss and plants, flows water. In this fantastic place you can forget about the grey reality.
The Magic Mountain Hotel is located in the private nature reserve Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, which is located in the southern part of Chile. Its owner since 1990 is the businessman VĂ­ctor Petermann. The opening of the gates for guests took place 9 years later.
Situated among nature, the hotel was built with local wood and stone. While many holiday resorts try to create a calming atmosphere by recording the sounds of nature, here everything happens in harmony with nature. The water flowing from the top of the building is extremely soothing and the chirping of birds and the sounds of leaves allow you to contemplate the nature in full.
The intimacy of this place can also encourage you to come here – guests have only 9 rooms at their disposal. Inside each of them there is a mountain climate and are equipped with the most modern amenities and large windows with a beautiful view of the forest. What is interesting, they also have their own individual names, taken from the species of local birds.
While staying in Huilo-Huilo you can taste the best local dishes served in the hotel restaurant. After a tasty meal it is worth to immerse yourself in a Jacuzzi carved from a tree trunk. Other attractions include a year-round ski slope, bird watching, mini-golf, spa treatments, use of the swimming pool, horseback riding or one of the longest zip-lines in South America (430 m).
Price per night ranges from $250 to $400.

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