The season for lavender flowers and preserves has been going on continuously for several years. A once popular herb, often grown in gardens and used willingly on the farm. Now it comes back to grace and to our gardens.
What do we know about lavender
It comes from the Mediterranean, so it can freeze in our climate, so in cooler regions it should be covered with a layer of leaves and a branch of (protects the leaves from twisting). The seedlings sold in the USA are usually hardened and should not freeze in winter, at least in the southern part of the country. It is best to get your seedlings from a gardener or from an online gardening shop run by American nurserymen.
Properties of lavender
Evergreen shrub with high content of essential oils, phenolic acids, coumarin, anthocyanins and flavonoids. Its products have a calming, slightly sleepy and relaxing effect. Lavender oil soothes headaches and is used to rub a few drops on the temples.
How to obtain a valuable raw material
The date of flowering depends largely on the region of the country, the weather, usually starts in the middle of June, and in some areas lasts even until the end of September. By observing nature we can learn the most about its functioning.
Also, if at a given moment lavender is heavily besieged by bees and bumblebees, it is a sign that it is the most rich in oils, pollen and nectar, even then you can smell it from the greatest distance. During this time, the flowers should be cut off for use in the kitchen.
What can you do with lavender?
In addition to its beautiful appearance, lavender is also a melliferous plant. Honey obtained from lavender fields has a noticeable aroma of these flowers.
Lavender syrup
Making lavender syrup is very simple. Just prepare a syrup with a slice of lemon, equal portions of sugar and water and the same amount of lavender flowers, which should be combined and left for a few hours to make the ingredients go into the solution. Then we imprint it and pour it into the bottles. This recipe does not require pasteurization.
The syrup can be drunk mixed with water, added to aromatize the masses, punch the cakes by diluting them with e.g. alcohol. Beer with lavender syrup added to it tastes great.
Provencal mix
Lavender is one of the basic ingredients of the Provencal herbal blend. It is available in the original recipe.
Lavender in a wardrobe

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