Dilated capillaries are a cosmetic defect, with which American ones often struggle. Unsightly spider veins on the face or feet can be effectively removed by using modern technologies. Laser closure, IPL radiation or electrocoagulation are the three methods used to fight spider veins.
Where do dilated blood vessels come from?
Before spider veins turn into erythema on the face, they are only dilated vessels, which in this way react to rapid changes in temperature, consumption of hot drinks or alcoholic beverages, but also to the effects of atmospheric factors, such as strong wind, sun or frost.
In some cases, dilated vessels do not shrink on their own, leaving a permanent erythema or characteristic spider veins on the face. It is precisely with such symptoms that modern methods and solutions are used to fight them. Of course, an important element after the treatment itself will be the proper care of such skin.
Different methods for different ailments
Although dilated blood vessels may look quite similar, different types of devices may be used to treat them. Closing the capillaries with laser or IPL light initiates a consultation with a specialist who will assess the thickness of the skin, the location of the capillaries and the extent of the lesions.
On this basis, the wavelength is selected. The procedure of closing the blood vessels in the office lasts a few minutes, and its duration depends on the extent of the changes themselves. In the case of changes involving, for example, cheeks and chin, sometimes several treatments are applied to consolidate the effect of the therapy.
What to remember about when you have a capillary complexion
Some types of devices can only be used for people with a specific phototype. This is the case with the IPL method, which is only used for people with very light complexion. The use of light to close dilated capillaries is not recommended for people with darker skin, as it can even lead to burns.
It is worth remembering that closing the blood vessels in the aesthetic dermatology office will not prevent patients from developing new changes. Therefore, it is important to have a proper diet, in which there will be no sharp spices, and all drinks and dishes will have the right temperature.
It is equally important to take care of such complexion. The use of protective cosmetics, containing vitamin C with properties to seal the vessels, and filters to protect the skin against excessive sunlight.

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