Macaques have pink faces and grayish fur, and their special features are strong teeth and a short tail of about 2.5 cm in length. Adult males reach 88 – 95 cm in height and weigh 10 – 14 kg. Females are about 10 cm lower and lighter than 2 to 4 kg. They live for about 30 – 40 years. Special attention should be paid to their brains, which are larger than those of other monkeys. Their manual dexterity is almost the same as human. Perhaps this is what makes them smart thieves.
Yes, thieves. They have mastered the technique to perfection how to steal an unattended wallet and pull a coin out of it. Then they buy drinks or snacks in vending machines. It happens quite often that Makak groups organize “attacks” on cities. They break into houses and shops and the most popular products are mandarins, sweet potatoes and bars. A resident of the city of Odawara said – They came to my house. My wife tried to scare them with a mop, but they chased her all the way to the train station.
In Nikko and other popular tourist regions, monkeys jump into cars to steal food. When they find nothing, they confront the passengers and do not leave the vehicle until they receive a banana or other delicacy. Some of them, however, are more violent, simply rip off the object they are holding and run away. Over the years, they have become more and more courageous. It is estimated that every year between 15 and 40 people in the Okunikko area come to hospital because of a monkey bite. According to the prevailing view, they are not afraid of humans and have become aggressive because of the tourists who have fed them.

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