Staying in the amusement park is a guarantee of all-day fun for the whole family. Here everyone will find something for themselves – use the Ferris wheel, visit the house of fears, or take a ride on a rollercoaster. The latter attraction provides an unforgettable experience, but is designed mainly for people with strong nerves not afraid of dizzying speeds. For those less brave, the Japanese decided to create a roller coaster for … pedals.
One of the most famous amusement parks in Japan is Tokyo Disneyland. It was founded in 1983 and since then the Japanese have loved to spend time in the amusement park. As time passed, more and more of them were created. Let’s move for a moment to Okayama, a city in the southwestern part of the island of Honshu. In 1994, an amusement park in the Brazilian climate of Washuzan Highland was created there. Apart from “ordinary” attractions, it has a rather unusual roller coaster powered by the power of human legs.

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