Jamaica curiosities – find out what it is famous for, why there are so few snakes on the island, what national holiday is celebrated on 6 February and where the spy stories were created with the participation of James Bond.
Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain and the Federation of West Indies on August 6, 1962.
In terms of territory, the country is 28 times smaller than the United States.
3) The leading religion in the country is Protestantism professed by nearly 62% of the population.
4th The highest point of the country is Blue Mountain Peak rising 2256 meters above sea level. The summit is located in the eastern part of the island. The mountain has a fairly cool climate, and in winter there is even snowfall. In good visibility, you can see Cuba on the top of the mountain.
Before the declaration of independence, in September 1961 the Cuban government announced a competition for the national flag. The winner was to receive £100. A specially formed commission received as many as 368 proposals, from which 12 designs were finally selected. As it turned out, these proposals were insufficient for the members of the commission, who decided to create a new design. The question then arose: “Will they make it by the date of the declaration of independence? The choice was made in May 1962. The flag was to consist of five horizontal stripes – the top and bottom in green, then the adjacent two gold stripes, and the black stripes in the middle.
The flag was approved by all authorities, but at the very end it was noticed that Tanganyika has a similar flag. It was decided to modify the flag and place a golden cross on it, and the four triangles will be green and black. The gold on the Jamaican flag is meant to symbolize the natural good and the beauty of the sun’s rays, the black refers to difficult times and those to come, and the green means hope.

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