Before you go to Israel, check out the prices there. In short, it’s not cheap. The price for a bottle of water depends on the level of cooling – heat can cost about 7 USD, and from the fridge 10 USD. For a loaf of bread you should pay about 10 USD.
The Dead Sea, or rather the lake, is the lowest point on Earth. The height of the water surface is 422 meters below sea level. In the lake located on the border of Jordan and Israel there is practically no life, in the water there are only single species of bacteria. Currently, this water body is systematically drying up and, with the current trend, may completely disappear within 50 years.
The army can be found at every step – standing at a bus stop, entering a shop or a museum. At the least expected moment you can see a girl whose arm is carrying a rifle.
Don’t be surprised if someone asks “do you have a bomb in your backpack? I wasn’t surprised.
Every man and woman at the age of 18 is required to do military service. Men must serve for three years and women for one year less. Due to the political situation in the country, you go into military service after high school and you may consider taking up a career in military service afterwards.
21 Jerusalem is a sacred place for Christian, Judaic and Islamic tech religions.
22 Who does not like to collect stamps in his passport? I do not know such a person. However, a stamp from Israel may cause problems in future trips to Islamic countries, in particular Iraq, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Syria or Saudi Arabia. The authorities of these countries claim that if you visit Israel, your passport will become invalid. In that case, you only need to produce a new passport.
At present, no more stamps are stamped at Israeli airports and a special confirmation card is issued for arrival, which must be presented at the time of departure.

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