Spain curiosities – find out what this country is famous for, where you can visit the restaurant built in the volcano crater and why when you go to the cinema, instead of a ticket to the screening you will buy carrots.
1. If you go to a Spanish cinema screening, you will buy a carrot instead of a ticket… A carrot. Why is a carrot sold instead of a ticket? It’s easy to avoid tax increases. Carrots are sold with a 4 percent tax deduction and movie tickets with a 21 percent tax deduction. Of course, after buying the carrot, the viewer gets what they came for – a completely free screening of the film.
The Spanish basketball team had to return their gold medals won at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, when it turned out that there were only two disabled players on the 12-person team and the rest pretended to be disabled. The case was brought to light by the journalistic investigation of Carlos Ribagord. He proved that the Spanish Olympic Committee ruling on disability did not actually examine the degree of disability of the competitors.
3. in one of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, in Timanfaya National Park, there is probably the only restaurant in the world where the chef and his cooks have at their disposal a barbecue powered by heat from a volcano that is still open. The idea for this rather unusual restaurant was born in the head of Cesar Manrique in 1970. The restaurant was built around a huge crater, while the “hole in the ground” from which the heat is coming out was covered with a grill. It prepares all the dishes served in the restaurant. Fans of grilled sausages will pay about 8 euros for them.

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