Slovenia interesting facts – find out what it is famous for, how the Slovenian authorities want to enlarge the territory of the country and what achievement can boasts.
1 As an independent state exists since 25 June 1991. That day it became independent from Yugoslavia.
Taking into account the occupied area, Slovenia is 15 times smaller than the American. According to data for 2018 it is inhabited by just over two million people. It is estimated that by 2050 this number will have fallen to 1.9 million.
Triglav is the highest peak in the country, as well as in the Julian Alps. Rising at an altitude of 2864 meters above sea level, it is also found in the coat of arms and on the flag of the country. Its name in Slovenian means “Triceps”, but it does not have three peaks. According to old beliefs, at the top of the mountain was supposed to be the seat of the almighty Trojan, ruler of water, land and the underworld.
The Slovenian flag consists of three horizontal stripes in Pan-Slavic colours: white, blue and red. The flags of Russia and Slovakia have the same layout, but the Slovenian symbol is distinguished by the coat of arms on the left side. This symbol was adopted on 24 June 1991.
It is estimated that the Polish community of this country numbers about 200 people.
The longest river flowing through the country is Sawa.

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