Singapore is a so-called tax haven. In the city centre, the most important global banks, representative offices of the most popular global brands and financial institutions have their headquarters.
The Singaporeans themselves are workaholics. They will not leave their workplace before their superiors. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a night, they won’t leave before their boss.
The inhabitants of this country are quite superstitious people. For example, in a car accident they will stop their car and leave it in order to…. to write down the license plate numbers of the damaged vehicle. It doesn’t matter if there are traffic jams on the road, the written down numbers can be useful in a lottery and bring luck.
The streets themselves are not crowded. This is due to the fact that owning a car is a luxury dispute. All because of the policy of a government that imposes huge taxes. A car from a showroom costs more than USD 300 000. A 100 percent duty is imposed on imported cars. What is more, you should apply for permission to buy a car and renew it every 5 years.
There is left-hand traffic on the road and escalators.

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