Portugal curiosities – learn what it is famous for, why Rio de Janeiro was the capital of this country and what are customs of Portuguese people.
1. the capital of Portugal is Lisbon, but there is no document which officially declares it to be the capital of Portugal. In 1255 by the decision of King Alfonso III the most important city instead of Coimbra become Lisbon. However, it lost this title to the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, which was the capital of this country in 1808 to 1821. It was in these years that the royal family, together with John VI at the head of the family, took shelter in Rio from the approaching invasion of Napoleon’s army.
In Portuguese shops, payments can only be made in euro, which in 2002 replaced the then currency escudo. At this point it is worth noting that this country joined the European Union in 1986.
3. Warsaw with the capital of Portugal is 2763 kilometres in a straight line. This city can be easily reached by car, but then the distance is 3317 kilometers, and the journey without traffic jams will take about 29 hours. Lovers of long walks can decide to travel 3143 kilometers, which will take approximately 643 hours. However, as you can guess, it is best to use the plane.
The only neighbor of Portugal is culturally similar Spain.
According to data from 2015, the country is home to 10,825,309 people. Lisbon alone is home to about 27% of the country’s population.
The average Portuguese lives 79 years, but the gender statistics are slightly different. The beautiful sex lives a little longer, 82 years, while the men live 75 years.
7) Surface area of the USA is more than three times larger (x3.38) than Portugal.
8th Portugal as an independent state exists since 1139. The borders of this country were drawn in 1270 and since then have not changed (it is the oldest border line in Europe).
9 After Athens, Lisbon is the second oldest European capital. Historians believe that it was founded by the Phoenicians around 1200 BC.

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