(6) Ireland is the only country in the world whose national symbol is the musical instrument harp. The original harp, which was the model for this symbol, is kept at Trinity College in Dublin. It had been written around 1300.
The official languages of this country are Irish and English, but most people speak English. Irish is a compulsory subject in schools which receive funding from the state budget.
8) By 2015, only two cities would have had a postal code system – Dublin and Cork.
One of the best known prehistoric sites in the country is Newgrange (the largest corridor grave created by man). Scientists, after careful research, estimated that the facility was built around 3200 BC, which is over 600 years older than the pyramid in Giza.
The 10th American White House was designed by Irish James Hoban.
11th In May 2015 a referendum was held on marriage between same-sex couples. As a result of the vote, society allowed the granting of such marriages.
Until 1995, divorce was prohibited. They were allowed to be divorced by referendum.

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