Iceland curiosities
(1) Iceland is rather famous for its rather harsh weather conditions and low temperatures. It would seem that they disqualify you from growing bananas. But only it could, because this is the country where the fruit is grown. How was the idea born? You have to move on to 1941, when World War II was going on in the world. One wise person came up with the idea of transporting volcanic heat to the greenhouse by means of heated water. It was quite easy and not very expensive to heat it, despite the low temperature and the raging winds outside.
Initial plans did not include the introduction of Icelandic bananas on the market. This was changed in 1945, when such a variety appeared on the shelves in the grocery stores. However, the problem was insufficient insolation, which caused the bananas to ripen for as long as two years. Nowadays, this Icelandic product is no longer available for sale, but is still produced at the University of Agriculture.
At this point it is worth noting and refuting a myth repeated by many people that Iceland is the largest banana producer in the Old Continent. Well, most of the bananas are produced in Spain, Portugal and Greece.
2nd Astronauts of the Apollo program were preparing for their expedition in this country, because its area most resembles the surface of the Moon.
3. until March 1, 1989, beer consumption was illegal. Currently, this day is celebrated in the capital city as Bjordagur, or Beer Day.

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