It happened in Brazil.
1. Brazilian drivers are certainly not proud of this record. On 23rd May 2014, the country’s largest metropolis, Sao Paulo, saw the longest traffic jam in the country, 344 kilometres long. It paralysed the city and car traffic for hours. There were many factors that contributed to the development of this problem. On that day, millions of city residents decided to leave the city for the weekend, bus drivers were on strike, and protests against the organization of the World Cup took place in several parts of the city. Moreover, the weather conditions were unfavourable.
In 2012, the Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini decided to auction her virginity online. Nowadays, such cases are known more and more often, which is surprising, however, the amount of the final price of the auction – 780 thousand dollars. The lucky winner of the auction was a Japanese man named Natsu. The girl promised to donate 90% of this amount to charity.
3. Cacareco is the only rhino in the world living in the Sao Paulo Zoo, which in 1958 was a candidate for the city council. His intention was to protest against the prevailing political corruption. Unfortunately, the officials did not accept his candidacy, but Cacareco eventually won 100,000 votes and won. Currently, the country has the term “Voto Cacareco” (Voice of Cacareco), which is referred to as the voice of protest against the government.
4th Rio de Janeiro was discovered on 1st January 1502 by the Portuguese Gasapa de Lemosa. It was he who gave this place the wrong name, which still exists today. Rio de Janeiro means “January River”, but no river flows in Rio. When he reached the bay, he thought it was the mouth of the river.
5 Francisco Everado Olivier Silva, more commonly known as Tiriririca, is one of the most popular clowns in Brazil. He left school at the age of 9 to join the circus. In his career, he has recorded a music album that has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Nowadays, Tiririca has no time to work in the circus, because in 2010 he decided to run for the congress he won.
Legislation in Brazil
(1) Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. The law is clear – 0.0 per mille.
2 In 2006, Mayor Sao Paulo introduced a controversial law that prohibited advertising on walls and walls of buildings. Thus, all advertisements had to disappear from this 11-millionaire city. Prior to the implementation of the Clean City Law, it was feared that it would result in a drop in revenue of $133 million and would have a negative impact on the city’s image. However, these were only concerns – the change has significantly improved the appearance of the city and is supported by nearly 70% of the population.
In June 2012, the country’s authorities approved the “Redemption through education” law, which is to some extent intended to help solve the problem of overcrowded prisons. It aims to reduce the sentence by four days for a prisoner who reads a book inscribed in the canon of Brazilian classics. A special commission decides which prisoner can join the programme. He will be able to reduce his sentence by 48 days within a year. Find out more by clicking here.
4. Brazil is the first country to completely ban the use and operation of solariums because of possible side effects on health.
5th Voting is obligatory for every adult citizen.
What is Brazil famous for?
1. coffee gourmets state that the best and tastiest coffee in the world is produced in Brazil. The geographical location, as well as the climate favourable to the production of this stimulant, makes the Brazilians account for 30% of the world’s production. The basic types of coffee that can be found on every shelf are Arabica and Robusta. The main production centres are: Santos, São Paulo, Minas Gerais.
Every football fan knows that in Brazil it is considered a national sport. Everyone plays here, regardless of gender or age. The national team has won the World Cup title five times.
3) Which of us did not come across Brazilian soap operas at least once while switching TV channels? I don’t think we’ll find such a person. They are very popular and readily watched, and one of the most important principles to remember is that series and football match do not go hand in hand and should not be played at the same time.
(4) Being on time is certainly not a characteristic of the nation. When dating a Brazilian, one should take into account the fact that he is simply late – even up to 2 hours. Even the transmission times shown on the television programme like to differ from the actual ones.
5. 8 of the 12 economic cities of the 2014 Football World Cup are on the list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world.
From 1808 to 1821, the Portuguese capital became … Rio de Janeiro. It was the first and only European capital city to find

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