Belarus Legal Interests
Belarus is the only country on the European continent where the death penalty is still imposed and carried out.
(2) There are 31 banks in the country, 30 of which are state-owned and one of which is privately owned.
3. bureaucracy – how do we know this? They are also struggling with this problem in Belarus. However, in their case, a special fee can be paid, which will speed up the formalities we want to deal with.
4th The sale of eggs in the city of Lelchitsa takes place in … pharmacy. What is more, to buy them you need a special prescription. This is due to the very small number of hens. First of all, families with children are entitled to buy them.
Belarus is one of the three countries in Europe that do not change the time from winter to summer (Iceland and Russia do not do it yet).
From January 1, 2015, being unemployed is treated as a crime. President Alexander Lukashenko supports the law prohibiting unemployment and proposes the restoration of the old term “social parasitism”. He also proposes to reinstate the punishment of those who intentionally avoid work. It is worth noting that the unemployment rate in Belarus is less than 1 percent.
7) They travel around Belarus and do not show your approval by clapping your hands. President Lukashenko has passed a law that makes clapping illegal. The law was introduced because the protesters, clapping their hands, showed their disapproval of the ruler.
What is Belarus famous for?
The first book in Belarusian was published by Franciszek Skarina. It was published in 1517 in Prague.
2nd Stork has a unique status in this country and is considered its unofficial symbol. Many Belarusians consider this bird sacred. There is a legend saying that the stork was a human before. God was supposed to give him a bag of snakes and ordered to throw him into the pit. However, man did not know what was hiding the contents of the mysterious bag and despite the ban he decided to untie it. The snakes managed to escape and hide. God, seeing the behavior of man, turned away from him and turned him into a stork, whom he ordered to gather storks throughout the country. Belarusians believe that storks build their nests only on the roofs of houses of good people, and when they do, their inhabitants will live happily and long. It is also a good sign to see a flying stork in spring. According to beliefs, it brings happiness for the whole year. The killing of a stork is supposed to bring disaster. What is more, its symbol is minted on coins and immortalized on government documents.
Belarusians could compete with the PoznaƄ pyre in terms of creativity in preparing potato dishes. It is this vegetable that is most often found on the tables of Belarusians. It is estimated that they are able to prepare almost two thousand dishes with the use of potato. This is connected with history – in the past, in times of poverty, potatoes often saved people from starvation. Belarus is the seventh largest potato producer in the world. The potato has become so important in culture that it has become another unofficial national symbol, and the authorities in Minsk have decided to erect a monument to it.
As in Russia, most of the monuments are dedicated to Lenin. In almost every city you can walk along Lenin Street. On the Independence Square in Minsk there is a monument to Lenin.
There is a legend about the Minsk Uprising. According to it, its founder was supposed to be the sorcerer Mianiesk. He was so strong, that in the central point he built his mill, in which he used to grind flour.
Interesting facts about Belarusians
1. Belarusians can be called long-lived people. According to statistics, this country has the highest percentage of people who have crossed the magic boundary of a hundred years. If you live in this country, it is best to settle in the Grodno region, where 150 people celebrated their hundredth birthday. In Minsk, there are “only” 114 such people. Even more interesting statistics is the occurrence of hundreds of years olds in terms of gender – the vast majority of them are women, as many as 556. Men can be counted 83. The average life expectancy is 72 years.
2) For many centuries it has been assumed that it is men who are the stronger sex and their tasks include work to support their families. A woman has to take care of her home and family. In their case, the unemployment rate is 65%.
In 2008, the “Forest Day” campaign was carried out. The aim of the action was to plant as many trees as Belarus inhabits, so that every citizen would leave a trace. Thus, the country has become richer by nearly 10 million trees.
Interesting places in Belarus

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