24 rooms, each with a swimming pool, which is the basic element of the building. Their area ranges from 121 m2 to 274 m2. Where exactly? At the Jade Mountain Centre in Saint Lucia, in the eastern part of the Caribbean.
All the sanctuaries – this is how the guest rooms are called – are unique and unique. From the outset, it is worth noting that there is no fourth wall. Instead, there is a view of the Caribbean Sea, which blends in perfectly with the swimming pools. They are especially distinguished by their individuality, each one is different and carefully designed. They were lined with glass tiles ordered especially for Jade Mountain. In addition, when it gets dark, they are illuminated by fiber optics, and an additional attraction for holidaymakers is the ability to set a specific color.
These 24 sanctuaries are divided into four types – Star, Moon, Sun and Galaxy. All of them are equipped with basic furniture. Basic because there are no phones, radio or television. The resort encourages you to cut yourself off from the outside world, and for those who have problems with this, offers access to the Internet at the reception desk of the resort. Interestingly, the resort asks its guests not to use mobile phones.
In the lower zone of the Jade Moutain hills, five more apartments are located. They do not have access to the swimming pool, but all the walls are open, which provides an even better view.
This bold project was carried out by the architect and owner in one Nick Troubetzkoy. Its tropical oasis is more for those with more financial resources. A one-day stay at the cheapest price will be $950, while the most expensive option will be $2680. Prices depend on the season and type of sanctuary.

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