Indonesia curiosities – find out what Indonesia is famous for, why it is called the “ring of fire”, what happened on August 26, 1883 and why Indonesians believe in the healing properties of lying on railway tracks. Interesting facts about Indonesia, which is worth knowing.
As an independent country it exists since 17 August 1945. That day Indonesia became independent from the Netherlands.
2) In terms of occupied territory, this country is six times larger than the American.
3rd Puncak Jaya, also called the Carstensza Pyramid, is the highest peak of Indonesia, and the highest peak lying on the island. Rising at an altitude of 4884 meters above sea level, the mountain is located in the Snow Mountains in New Guinea. It was discovered in 1623 by the Dutch company Carstensz.
Heinrich Harrer, Bert Huizinga, Russell Kippax and Philip Temple were at the top of the mountain for the first time on February 13, 1962, and the first Pole to climb the mountain on July 12, 1999 – Jerzy Kostrzewa. The climbing itself is quite exhausting.
The 4th Indonesian flag is a rectangle consisting of two horizontal stripes – the upper one in red and the lower one in white. It is called Sang Dwiwarna, which means a living person. The white company symbolizes the soul and spiritual life, while red is the body and physical life. The same national colours are used in Monaco, the flags of these countries differ only in format. It is estimated that the flag is about 800 years old, but as the official symbol of the country exists since 17 August 1945.
5th Every day Indonesia is inhabited by about 100 Americans.
The leading religion is Islam, which is professed by around 86% of the population.

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