Doors are one of the most important finishing elements in every house or apartment. Not only do they provide intimacy to the people who live in a given room, but, appropriately selected, they can also be a great complement to the arrangement.
Nowadays, there are so many types of doors on sale that it is easy to get lost, so it is worth to think carefully about the most important issues related to the purchase of this ideal door. First of all, we need to precisely define the dimensions of the opening in which the door will be installed. Manufacturers provide a wide range of sizes, but if we want to maintain the adopted safety rules, the internal door should be at least 80 cm wide.
Once the dimensions have been determined, it is time to think about what kind of door we should choose. This decision largely depends on the size of the room in which we install them, but also on our own preferences. Among the most popular hinged doors there are those that open both to the right and to the left. The latter are often chosen by left-handed people. We must also consider whether in a given room the door opening inwards or outwards will be more practical. This can save us a lot of space, which is particularly important in small flats. In this case, it is also worth considering the possibility of installing sliding or folding doors, which take up much less space.
Another very important issue is to adapt our new doors to the interior design. Many people choose to match the colour of their interior doors to the colour of their parquet or windows, for example. The most important thing to remember, however, is that the doors will serve us for many years, so it is worth betting on models and patterns that are timeless.

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