It happened – you bought your dream M! Now it’s time to finish the interior. And here are the questions: how to arrange a flat cheaply? Use the services of the renovation team? What kind of furniture to buy? We suggest where to look for savings when finishing interiors.
Before you start! Cost estimate of apartment finishing
Before you start renovating your apartment or finishing the interior, make as detailed a cost estimate as possible for renovating the apartment. If you want to save money, you should not go out of business because it is easy to lose count and spend too much money in the initial phase of finishing the apartment.
When you are planning to finish or renovate an apartment, consider the following aspects:
Define your budget – what finances you have or what credit you can take out for the finishing of the apartment;
The cost estimate should list all the furnishings you want to buy, as well as the costs of building materials;
plan the sequence of works;
add to the cost estimate 15-20% of the amount you have received – usually the cost of finishing the apartment is higher than expected.
Finishing the apartment – with a team or on your own?
An unquestionable advantage of using the services of a repair team is the shortened time of work. If you decide to finish the apartment yourself, you must prepare yourself for the fact that the time needed for all the renovation works may be considerably longer. On the other hand, resignation from the services of professionals (at least for some jobs) may bring considerable savings.
You can do some of the renovation and finishing work yourself. These include, but are not limited to
painting walls – the average cost of a painter’s work is about 10-15 USD per square meter;
– the average cost of the painter’s work is about 10-15 USD per square meter; laying panels – per square meter you can save 15-20 USD;
– per square metre you can save 15-20 USD; laying tiles – although it requires some experience, it is not impossible to do it on your own. The cost of tiling is about 50USD per square meter for tiles of standard dimensions (if you decide to install a mosaic, for example, the cost can increase up to 150 USD).
Our advice!
If you want to hire a repair team to finish the apartment, for the cheapest offers see with a dose of mistrust. If you decide to use the services of the cheapest company on the market, it may turn out that you will incur even higher costs – for example, the purchase of additional materials. Find a company that has positive opinions, and preferably one that has been used by your loved ones.
What can you save money on when finishing interiors?
When furnishing interiors, you can both use the highest quality products, which will definitely increase the cost of finishing the apartment, as well as decide on used or cheaper furniture. If you want to save money, take a few tips:
Choose ready-made furniture sets, e.g. for the kitchen, bedroom or hallway, instead of ordering custom-made furniture;
Compare offers in different stores – perhaps a set that offers a well-known furniture store has an equivalent in a cheaper, smaller store;
if you are moving from another apartment, use what you can with the items of equipment you already have;
go to a flea market or search for offers on the Internet – you may find that there are interesting furniture in good condition or elements that will add character to your interior;
Bet on renovation of old furniture – sanding paper or grinder and wood paints should be in motion. This will give your old furniture a second life.
If you want to reduce the total cost of finishing the apartment, look for even small savings. Summing up all the money saved, you may find that the amount you have left in your pocket is not small. But remember not to choose the cheapest building materials, equipment or sanitary facilities, as they may not survive the test of time. Look for promotions and compare offers from different stores.

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