Beautiful and neat nails are one of those things that most people pay attention to. Daily hand and nail care is sometimes neglected, however, and the result are cracked hands, protruding cuticles and unsightly nails. How to restore a beautiful and healthy look?
The most important is the diagnosis
The disorderly appearance of nails and their poor condition does not always result from neglect of care. It is often the result of other health problems and shortages, so it is worth to carefully look at the nails, and if necessary, perform basic examinations and consult a doctor.
If the nails do not bear traces of any disease (like fungus), but are deformed, badly grow, crack and split, it may be the effect of their long-term biting and not using any care products. Upward growing nails are a common problem for people who have been biting their nails for many years and wanted to take care of them after a while. This is the effect of deformation of the nail plate after many years of damaging it. However, this type of situation may also result from a shortage of iron and other trace elements, so it is worthwhile to consult a doctor.
Nails are affected by our diet
You don’t really need to convince anyone that your diet has an impact on your appearance and wellbeing. To improve the appearance and condition of your nails, it is advisable to abandon worthless fast food and salty snacks in favour of fruits, vegetables, wholemeal products, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. Fish, herbal tea and a well-balanced diet are also recommended.
Nails can be strengthened with cosmetics.
The offer of cosmetics for hand and nail care is impressively wide and strongly diversified. Particularly worth recommending are nail conditioners, which rubs into the nail plate, which nourishes and strengthens it and makes the nails grow stronger and healthier. However, it should be remembered that strengthening very weakened nails is a long process and should not be discouraged if the effects are not immediately visible.
Hybrids can also help
If your natural nails are very thin and fragile, split and difficult to care for, you may want to consider temporary use of nails or hybrids. This will give your nails a protective layer that will strengthen their structure and prevent them from breaking. During this time you will be able to use various supplements and a proper diet to strengthen your nails. They will not be damaged or bitten in any way, which will be good for them.
Hybrids can be performed in the living room, but many people decide to buy sets with a lamp and perform them on their own. This is a good solution that is also economically viable. In order to achieve a particularly lasting effect, it is necessary to reach for preparations to hybrids of the best brands, and you can track them by browsing through the lists of types: hybrid lacquers, ranking. These top-of-the-line product lists help you quickly identify the most popular cosmetics in this category.
Taking care of your nails, which have been neglected for a long time, is a long and difficult process, which can result in beautiful hands with well cared for, well cared for nails, which are strong and healthy, which is what we wanted.

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