Protection against fire is one of the factors that guarantee safety in the event of a fire. In this article you will find out which type of building is suitable for which types of fire doors and gates.
Each of us has certainly often wondered what he or she would do if a fire suddenly broke out in his or her place of residence or work. It is worth to protect yourself against such circumstances, using a solution that prevents the spread of fire. The installation of fire doors and gates can be a very useful element of the protection of our buildings. It is worth to carry it out in places where there are flammable materials, such as garages or boiler rooms. In addition, fire doors and gates are an excellent protection also against burglary. In this article you will learn about the types of fire doors and gates available on the market; their diversity corresponds to the diversity of building types.
Fire doors
They are available in several fire resistance classes: The higher the class, the higher the fire resistance. Today’s fire doors are smoke-proof. Application of this type of solutions will ensure safe leaving the building in case of fire hazard. It is worth noting that fire doors separate individual fire zones in buildings. They are used in buildings such as schools, offices and offices. Most often they are made of galvanized steel sheet, guaranteeing reliability in crisis situations. It is best to install them at the main entrance to the building. However, they can also be used as entrance doors to individual rooms. In order for fire doors to fulfil their function, they should be equipped with a door closer, thanks to which they will close by themselves when opened. You can check the offer of this type of security here.
Wooden fire doors
If you care not only about safety in the event of fire, but also about the aesthetic appearance, choose wooden fire doors. Thanks to the excellent quality, wooden doors do not differ much in appearance from the standard ones, but ensure safety. Wooden doors can be made of oak, beech or walnut. They are very widely used in buildings such as hotels, banks and offices, where the aesthetics of the interior plays a very important role. Wooden fire doors can have one of two classes of fire resistance: El 30 or El 60.
Multifunctional steel door
This type of door is very widely used in buildings such as garages, warehouses and utility buildings. Fire doors should be characterized by high thermal resistance and high strength. This type of protection will certainly work well for people who pay attention to the price. These are the cheapest types of fire doors presented in this article. Therefore, they are often used also in residential buildings: single-family houses and city blocks. Most often they are made of galvanized sheet metal and are used both inside and outside buildings.
Fire doors
Doors are a type of security system used mainly in garages, warehouses or large production halls. Most often, gates are synchronized with the control panel, which in the event of fire automatically closes them, causing the limitation of air access, which prevents the spread of fire. The alarm control panel will notify people in the room of the occurrence of danger and ensure safe exit from the building. Fire doors usually provide fire tightness within the range of 30 to 60 minutes.
It is worth to buy this type of protection. Thanks to them we will protect ourselves against the effects of fire, ensuring ourselves the possibility of evacuation from the building in case of danger. External doors and gates can also serve as protection against theft.

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