Japanese cuisine is exotic both in terms of ingredients and the way food is prepared. Surprising combinations and methods of preparing individual dishes have already found many enthusiasts all over the world. Sushi and tempura are considered particularly interesting. Both methods can be successfully combined.
Simple tempura
The history of tempera has its roots in Europe. This is one of the few examples of a country from the Far East so eagerly accepting something, at first completely alien to it. The way of frying in deep oil was shown to the Japanese by Portuguese missionaries. The dish thus prepared was eaten during the Dry Days. Its Latin gave the name tempura. The Japanese achieved perfection in making tempura, quickly surpassing the Europeans. You don’t need sophisticated ingredients to make it. They are mainly pieces of vegetables, seafood, fish or meat. Each bite is wrapped in a characteristic, thin dough. This is the secret of tempera. After frying it should be light and crispy, necessarily warm, preferably hot. Therefore, the temperature is given immediately after cooking.
Home tempura
In Japan, there is a whole network of restaurants where tempura is served. Some of them also serve sushi in tempera. It is a dish for people who appreciate sushi, but want to eat something hot. Both regular tempera and tempura sushi can be made at home. Most of the time will be spent preparing rice for sushi. It has to gain the right taste and should be cooled down. Recipes for sushi are available on many websites. Preparing rolls to be fried should not be a problem. A more careful look at how the cake is made for the tempera should be done.
Secrets of the cake
In order to obtain the right crispness of the dough for the tempera, it should be prepared in a proper way. Its consistency resembles a slightly thicker pancake dough. During preparation, mix the ingredients quickly – half a glass of wheat and corn flour with added water. One egg and a pinch of salt are also added. Do not mix the dough thoroughly. If the lumps remain in the dough, they will disappear in the process of quick frying. They are prepared at the last minute. Add ice water or ice cubes to the dough. This procedure guarantees extra crispness.
Tempura for sushi
Tempura is very often served with sushi poppy. The flavors of these dishes blend perfectly with each other. Ready rolls of sushi should be wrapped in dough and then fried in hot oil. In this version, sushi is cut only after frying and drying on a paper towel. Sushi poppies, made in tempera, are served with different sauces, soy or teriyaki. You can also mix the teriyaki with soy sauce with rice vinegar and white wine.
Sushi in tempura can also be purchased in restaurants serving Japanese specialties. However, if you like to prepare such dishes yourself, this dish should not be a problem either.

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