How do I keep my house in order? This is a question that all lovers of controlled mess who drown in it once in a while ask themselves. Contrary to appearances, maintaining order is not difficult. Instead, it requires a bit of goodwill and careful planning.
Postponing things to a place
Putting things back is one way to prevent mess. Not only do items put away in the right place not create a mess, they are also at hand when you need to use them. This is one of the simple steps that allows us to keep order in our daily lives.
Cleaning the living room
The living room is a place where we invite our guests. It is therefore worth making sure that it is always shiny and clean – one room in the entire apartment should be constantly prepared for the arrival of guests. During the week you can find a day to clean the room – then we vacuum the floors, wipe off the chicken, and all the things put aside in their place. Organising boxes for things that do not have their own place is a practical and aesthetic solution. Things buried in a box have the advantage that you do not have to look for them, and what is more, they are hidden from prying eyes. The box may contain, for example, a set of TV remote controls.
The two-minute rule
The two-minute rule is that if an activity takes less than two minutes, it should be dealt with immediately. Following this lead, you can immediately and continuously hide your clothes in wardrobes, wash your sink or put them in a shoe cabinet. These are seemingly small activities, but they bring order and order to everyday life, avoiding uncontrolled chaos. The two-minute rule works well when we share a flat with someone – it is enough to introduce it for all members of the household. It is also worth remembering to use appropriate cleaning agents to clean the apartment. They are widely available in online stores, such as, and in stationary stores.

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