Not everyone understands how important it is to provide adequate insulation against the cold on our balcony as well. When you consider the balconies made of reinforced concrete slabs, it turns out that they are connected to the ceiling, which can lead to a so-called thermal bridge. This is quite a dangerous phenomenon, which often leads to freezing of walls or considerable heat losses.
The easiest way to avoid this type of complications is to insulate the entire panel of our balcony, and it is not a very thick insulation layer at all. Of course, when deciding which thickness of insulation to use, we must pay attention to how much space we have for it, so that the top lining is under the frame leading to the door balcony. A very popular material for insulating balconies are panels made of extruded polystyrene. They are extremely resistant to all external factors, which gives us confidence that the balcony is well protected.
There are many possibilities for finishing such a prepared balcony. Very often in this case, the choice falls on terracotta and porcelain stoneware, but more and more people now also choose wood. In each of these cases it is necessary to take care to obtain such finishing materials that are durable and resistant to changing weather conditions.

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