Among the air conditioners used in homes, there are three most frequently chosen types of air conditioners. These are:
Compact air conditioners,
split air conditioners,
multi split air conditioners.
Compact air conditioners are characterized by the fact that one unit performs two functions: evaporator and condenser. Due to their small size, they are best suited for rooms where there is less space. This is different in the case of split devices, where the evaporator and compressor units are separated and can be connected by an electronic or hydraulic system. As far as multi-split air conditioners are concerned, as the name suggests, we can connect several external devices to one compressor. Multi-split air conditioners should be installed by specialists, while the compact installation can be done by ourselves.
Compact air conditioners have an important advantage – they can be freely set. They are attractive in terms of price and easy to install, operation will not cause any problems to anyone, and they can be installed on walls and windows. Their main disadvantage is that they work too loudly.
We can also install split devices on the walls – these devices work much quieter and more efficiently. There are many models, with quite well-developed automation, which is controlled by a remote control.
What is worth paying attention to when choosing an air conditioner? First of all, on two things – power and optionality. For rooms with a size of 10-12m², a device with a power of 1kW is enough and according to this parameter it is worth to calculate what specific equipment we need. The second important factor in the choice is whether we only want to cool or heat.
There are many types of air conditioners on the market, for which we can easily find different filters, so that even allergic people will be able to sleep peacefully. We can meet filters that generate negative ions, so the air is better quality; releasing vitamin C, which has a good effect on sleep and many others, removing dust and mites.

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