Features of a good developer
Professional developers are usually not late with the execution of orders, and thus do not delay the delivery of premises to buyers for use. If a representative of a developer company justifies possible delays with unfortunate circumstances, unfavourable market or weather conditions, it means that the company most probably lacks funds necessary to finalize the construction investment.
How to check the developer?
Before you decide to use the services of a given developer, check how long the developer has been operating on the market and whether it has fulfilled its obligations conscientiously and reliably so far. Of course, it is impossible to check everything, but you can, for example, compare the planned construction completion dates with the actual completion dates of the orders. If there is no discrepancy between them, it means that a given developer can most probably be trusted.
It is also worth checking the statistics concerning the sale of flats in buildings built by a given company. If the number of sold properties increases from year to year, we can assume that the developer is really reliable and we will not be disappointed with his services.
In order to verify a developer’s reliability, it is worth conducting a small research on the Internet. Nobody, of course, would like to establish cooperation with a company that in the past had some conflicts with the law, did not fulfil its obligations or committed fraud against customers. In general, this type of information, if it is already in public circulation, is easy to find.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that professional development companies do not require the purchasers to pay the full amount for the apartment that has not yet been completed. It is important to remember this.
Checking the developer is therefore not so difficult. It is enough to go to some trouble to find out whether the company, which services we are going to use, will actually meet our expectations and fulfil the contract.

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