Don’t ignore design
How much more pleasant it is to start every day in the bathroom, which 100% corresponds to our practical needs and aesthetic tastes, than in one whose design is only a work of chance and immediate purchase decisions, dictated not so much by fantasy, but rather by haste or abundance of wallet. Not everyone can afford to equip their bathroom with furniture and appliances of the highest quality, of course, but the bathroom accessories market abounds in such a large number of different offers that less wealthy people will certainly find interesting substitutes for top-class products. The most important thing is that the individual elements harmonize with each other and give the room a characteristic, unique atmosphere.
What does modern style mean?
Modern style, if we consider its distinguishing features in the context of interior design, consists primarily in minimalism and functionality. A modern bathroom is a bathroom to which cheap effects and dubious value of oddity do not have the right to enter. Rococo excess is located on the antipodes of modern style. In a bathroom that keeps pace with the times, we will find only what is necessary (except, of course, various amenities such as air conditioning devices, etc.). This does not mean that the visual aspect does not play any role here – nothing is more misleading. Impressive appearance is one of the determinants of modern style. However, it cannot contradict the handy and practicality of bathroom furniture and accessories. As an example, let us use countertop washbasins (examples can be found here: ), which differ from any previous design conventions and draw attention to themselves, but turn out to be much more comfortable and practical in use than traditional washbasins.
A modern bathroom is not only minimalist and functional, but also spacious. If you live in a block of flats and do not have too much space, you can optically enlarge the bathroom with mirrors.
Moreover, ceramic wall and floor tiles are inseparably connected with the modern style, as well as a shower cubicle made of glass and metal, appropriate lighting that exposes details and gives the interior a unique atmosphere, and a specific “weightlessness” of all the elements, because they create the impression of light, exclusive.

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