The second is to choose the right style and subordinate it to all the elements. On the market we can find so many different devices, decorations and equipment dedicated to bathrooms that without a specific project in mind it is impossible to connect them properly with each other. In this article we present different types of ceramics and suggest how to combine them.
Bathtub or shower?
Undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions is the choice between a bathtub and a shower cubicle. If you have a large bathroom, it is worth investing in the first solution. This is where our need for relaxation comes into play. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bubble bath. However, it often happens that a room is too small to accommodate a bath tub. That leaves us with a shower enclosure. This is a perfect solution that not only saves space, but also reduces water consumption.

The choice of bathtubs is quite simple – most of the products on the market are acrylic models. They are characterized by good durability and low price. A more interesting and definitely more designer solution are cast iron bathtubs, which can often be found in the form of free-standing objects. These are products designed for bathrooms decorated in a slightly heavier, more elegant style.
It is a bit more difficult to choose a shower cubicle. A model with a shower tray and a classic sliding door will rather fit in with a bathroom furnished in a universal style. In minimalist interiors, glass cabins will work better, often without a shower tray and without doors (walk-in models) or with hinged doors.
Wash basins and WC bowls
Looking at the offer of toilet bowls and wash basins for bathrooms, we will distinguish among them mainly hanging and standing models. It is worth noting that the latter are slowly going down in history. More and more often hanging ceramics are installed, because optically (but also physically) it occupies less space and pleases the eye with minimalistic aesthetics.
Hanging washbasins and toilet bowls will fit into universal interiors, where the whiteness of acrylic rules. They will also fit into modern bathrooms, but it is good to avoid them where we use retro solutions. In rooms decorated according to old trends, standing models or models supported by pedestals will look better.

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