However, every investor is asking himself the question: how to choose the right paving stone? Here are a few tips.
First of all, quality
The durability of a paving block surface depends to a large extent on the quality of the selected material. The better the quality of a paving block, the more expensive it usually is. The price criterion is therefore not the best advisor. A paving block which has been made in a defective technological process may not fulfil its purpose and may be damaged relatively quickly. Low quality and high quality material usually looks the same, so it is very difficult to distinguish it by its external features. The stone worthy of attention has a quality certificate in accordance with the European standard “Concrete paving stones. Requirements and test methods”. This certificate means that the paving blocks have been made of appropriate raw materials in the right proportions.
When talking about quality in the context of paving stones, one should also pay attention to the way in which they are laid. Incorrectly laid paving stones will not only look unsightly, but will also lose their properties and be destroyed more quickly. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the laying of paving stones to a specialist company which has the appropriate equipment and will give a guarantee for its work.
Choosing the right paving block also depends on its intended use. Use a different paving block to lay paths in front of your house and a different one to lay a driveway to your garage. Differences are due to the thickness of the cube. Garden paths, home sidewalks and other places where only pedestrian traffic will take place may be lined with 4 cm thick cubes. Garage driveways and surfaces on which cars will be driven require the use of cubes at least 6 cm thick. Places exposed to greater pressure, e.g. car parks and access roads with heavy vehicles, e.g. lorries, should be lined with cubes between 8 and 10 cm thick.
Possible defects
Paving stone is a material whose defects are most often visible during the use of the surface lined with it. For this reason, it is worth deciding on a block of renowned manufacturers and distributors, e.g. the use of material from a reliable supplier minimizes the risk of misguided investment.

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