What should I pay attention to when choosing the entrance door to the apartment? What is important is the safety of the residents, their achievements, but also the discretion and attenuation of noise from the outside. In addition, internal doors should match the colors of the block, as well as the furniture in the apartment.
Material and colour of the door frame
It is worth choosing a door colour that does not stand out in the staircase, taking into account the colour of the paints and the style chosen by the developer. If the staircases are kept in warm colors, e.g. sand, it is worth choosing brown doors. It is equally important to match the material and shade of the door to the interior of the apartment. Dark colours will not work in a small area because they optically reduce the room. It is also worth considering the colour of the furniture in the hallway: shoe cabinets, clothes hangers or recessed wardrobes, so that the shade of the entrance door and the material (e.g. wood) harmonize. Everything depends on the style in which the apartment is furnished. Bright wood matches the Scandinavian interior, grey, metallic doors for modern industrial style, dark brown for large apartments.
Make sure that the entrance door to the apartment is equipped with anti-burglary pins and three-bolt locks. One lock is not enough, choose a door with two locks.
Acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation is particularly important in the case of ground floor apartments, because there is always noise in the vicinity of the lift and main door. Interior doors should be fitted with a sound-absorbing panel that dampens both external and internal noise. This ensures discretion for residents and is particularly important for parents who put their children to sleep. Thanks to the sound-insulated door, it will not wake up with every sound from the cage.
An important detail is the panoramic viewfinder, which allows you to check how many people are in the stairwell, which is important for safety. Also important are gaskets that limit the penetration of odours, such as cigarette smoke, into the home.
How long the entrance door will last depends on the operation. Every entrance door is subject to gravity. If they are lowered, the bolts in the locks will wear off, making it difficult to close and open the door, which will result in the need to replace the lock, which is costly. That is why it is so important to close the door gently and, if they are lowered, call on the team to adjust the door.

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