Individual mattresses differ from each other primarily in terms of filling, and it is this filling that most often causes confusion when shopping. Besides, the rules are simple – the more we weigh, the harder the mattress we need. The mattress must also be adapted to our height and provide a good support for the spine. Before buying a mattress, it is necessary to test all available types of mattresses, simply by laying on them. And remember – it is much better to spend money on an expensive product, but one that adapts to the shape of the silhouette, than on a cheap but inflexible one. What exactly do we have to choose from?
Spring mattresses.
Very popular, mainly because of its low price. As the name suggests, they are filled with springs. Springs are connected into coils – the more coils, the more resilient the mattress. The thicker the wire from which the springs are made, the better the quality of the mattress. However, quality is a relative term. provide moderate comfort during rest, because they do not adapt well to the shape of the body. The names of the protective materials used to cover the spring structure are also misleading. Sometimes the drape has little in common with “coconut fibre” or “sea grass”. If you decide on such a mattress, choose one that is protected by a durable latex foam.
Pocket (pocket) mattresses are better than, which are also filled with springs, with the difference that each of them is in a separate material pocket. Thanks to this, they work independently and the mattress adapts to the shape of the body. Pocket mattresses are more expensive than, but provide incomparably greater comfort.
Latex mattresses
Undoubtedly, these are some of the best mattresses. They are hygienic – they provide air circulation, no fungi or bacteria lying in them. They are also durable – they will serve us for up to 10 years. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the user’s figure, but do not deform. When buying such a mattress, however, we should remain vigilant. Not all of them have the same filling. The best quality are those in which the content of natural latex prevails over artificial latex. The more the former, the higher the price of the product. If you need to save money, remember that the content of natural latex cannot be less than 20%, because the mattress will then not be sufficiently airy and durable.
High-flexible foam mattresses
In terms of quality, durability, price and comfort of use, they are very close to latex. However, they provide much better ventilation. Like the previous ones, they can serve us for years.
Thermoelastic mattresses
They deform under the influence of our body temperature. Their main advantage is that they allow the muscles to relax.
Mattresses for two
These are special double mattresses in which one part is designed to match the anatomy of the female body and the other part is designed to match the anatomy of the male body. Partners may also decide to buy separate mattresses, which is advisable especially when there is a significant difference in weight and height between them. If you buy one large mattress for two, opt for a latex, pocket or high-flexible foam mattress that deforms punctually rather than over the entire surface.
Mattresses for people with spinal defects and injuries
Spinal injury is associated with the need to buy a rehabilitation mattress, which will also deform only point-by-point.
Many people believe that the harder the mattress, the better. Such an opinion has spread a long time ago, which is why we believe that sleeping on a hard mattress is the healthiest. Not necessarily. Too hard a mattress can block blood circulation in particular parts of the body. On the other hand, too soft a mattress will unnecessarily force muscles to work during every movement. If you need a good support for your spine, and at the same time do not want to overpay, consider buying an ecological mattress, filled with raw cotton with a hardening addition of natural latex or coconut fibre.

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