The winter garden does not provide us with as much aesthetic impressions as the flowery and colourful plot in the remaining seasons of the year. This does not mean, however, that our plants do not need any care or attention. Winter is a hard test for them and we have to provide them with the best possible conditions.
Frost and snow can destroy what we have worked for for for years if we do not properly protect our garden property. This is why it is so important to cover the plants for the winter, to throw snow off the branches and to prevent the ice from killing the surface. Plants that are really sensitive to low temperatures must overwinter indoors. Those that remain in the garden must be protected from drying out as well as from root rot. They can get hurt if you don’t make sure that the water is properly absorbed into the lawn or if you start sprinkling salt on the garden surface. What else is it worth knowing, so that winter does not turn out to be deadly for our garden? We will receive answers from specialist garden care guides. Below we present some of the most interesting items.
“A year in the garden”.
The way we care about our garden in the months of the year has a bearing on all its functions. Some people put emphasis on the aesthetic layer of their plot and like to boast of a collection of original plants. For others, the garden is a quiet place to rest or a usable space for growing vegetables. Depending on what role we assign to our garden, we have to keep an eye on the schedule of work that needs to be done within it throughout the year. A “Year in the Garden” is an item that makes this task easier, because it contains a calendar of gardening work broken down
“Garden for Beginners.
You have only recently owned your own garden and don’t know what and how it works in the world of plants, shrubs and garden trees? While the warm part of the year seems to be quite pleasant, winter is a challenge for you? The “Beginner’s Garden” will make you love even the autumn and winter care treatments. Well-known TV personality, explains to readers in a funny and very accessible way what garden cultivation is all about. It is a reading that is as useful as it is encouraging to have your own plot of land.
“The Gardening Calendar. Cultivation, care’, collective study
How to care for the pond throughout the year? How to prepare a vegetable garden and orchard for the winter, and how to prepare a decorative garden? The publication is divided into successive stages of gardening work, which we must do to be able to enjoy both the appearance and the fetuses of our plot. It focuses primarily on cultivation and care. This is an obligatory item for every gardener!

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