Plafonds in the kitchen
Plafonds were popular as lighting among others in the 1950s. At that time, however, they were mainly focused on their practical functions. Today, plafonds are not only simple and practical solids. More and more often we can find designer models, which of course are still practical, but at the same time work well as decorative lighting. Plafonds will work well in the kitchen because it is much easier to keep them clean than classic chandeliers. An additional advantage is that plafonds take up less space – today’s kitchens are usually small. For this reason, it can often be difficult to find space for a large chandelier. Another practical aspect is that there is no risk of the plafonds hitting their head, which is not so obvious with a chandelier. It is not uncommon to find kitchens in which the chandelier hung e.g. over a table is placed so low that you have to be careful when standing up. As far as aesthetic values are concerned, there is a lot of possibilities. You can find simple, minimalist, modern plafonds as well as more ornate models.
Plafonds in the bedroom
Plafonds are an excellent type of lighting for the bedroom due to the fact that they give a gentle light. In the case of classic bulbs, the light is much sharper, which can be embarrassing, especially if one person gets up much earlier than the other and wants to turn on the light. In addition, modern plafonds give you the opportunity to create lighting systems where you can use only part of the lights. This in turn allows you to use the full power of light when needed, but in a situation where weaker light is enough, you can turn on only part of the lighting. This is not only a practical solution, but also a way that allows you to build a unique atmosphere in the bedroom. An interesting option is also to invest in modern bedroom plafonds with LED diodes. Thanks to them it is possible to use different colored lighting depending on the mood you want to get. This in turn allows you to create an even more cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.
Plafonds in the living room
This type of lighting will also work well in the living room. The most important thing here is to match the plafonds to the style of the interior. Whether you like minimalist and modern interiors or opt for a retro style, matching your plafonds to the overall design will make it look great. Just like in other rooms, here they are also a very practical solution, which can also look very good. When arranging an interior, consider what is really more important to you – appearance or functionality. the message is that choosing decorative plafonds and keeping them clean is easier than even simple chandeliers. In addition, by properly arranging the plafonds in the living room, you can achieve a great-looking interior that is no different from the designs using chandeliers.
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