An apparently normal island with a very interesting shape. It does not stand out in any particular way. The only thing that stands out is the white dot. It is the only house. And who lives in it? We encourage you to read it.
This charming house is located on an Icelandic island called Elliðaey. Scientists say that it was created 5-6 thousand years ago, as a result of an explosion. Its name comes from a ship, or more likely from a local cave – Ellirey. Some sources claim that it used to serve as a shelter from invaders. In terms of size, it ranks third in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago – a total area of 0.45 km². Its highest point is 114 m above sea level. The only way to get to the island is to connect its lowest point with a boat by rope.
What about the cottage? It was built in 1953 and is currently not permanently inhabited. There are rumours that in 2000 it was to be handed over by the Icelandic Prime Minister David Oddsson to the singer Bjork as a thank you for raising the rank of their country. After many protests, his offer was to be withdrawn. At present, the house is a collective property, can be rented by anyone who wants to be alone… As for us, a bomb, I wonder how much such pleasure costs … Meanwhile, we encourage you to take a look at the photographs.

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